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As the MOST EXPENSIVE ESCORT AGENCY, our noble client demands the best female companions! Fortunately, tastes are different and clients have different preferences. Age, size, hair colour, nationality, cup size do not matter as long as you are special! We not only accept actresses, fashion models but also the cute 'neighbour next door', the innocent school girl type or the bored housewife.

We are a network of high-class escort agencies all over Europe and some have been operating since 1992. We have always escort vacancies for Elite London Escorts as well as international premium escorts and can offer the best High-Class Escort Jobs in London and internationally!

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Apply for Elite London Escort Jobs! Please fill in all the information on the job application form below for premium escort jobs.

Photos are very important as the clients are choosing first from what they can see on the website. The escort photos should be professional but look still natural and accurate. Should you not have professional escort photos, you can submit your mobile phone selfies as long as the quality is good. Some clients might even be enticed by some natural photos and videos. We can also provide you with the contact details of some professional photographer. is the finest high-class escort agency in London and Europe with a high society clientele from aristocrats, to business executives, from sports stars to Royals. If you are looking for VIP ESCORT JOB ASSIGNMENTS, we are the right agency to have the best escort assignments as well as the most expensive escort jobs!


Please read all questions carefully and answer each of them. If not the job application form will not go through. The application will not be automatically published. We will check your profile first, before putting it online. No personal information such as phone number, address or email address will be published on the profile.

Furthermore, please note that this is just an application and you will not be automatically published on the website.