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Gentlemen, welcome to BerkeleyGirls™ Escorts. is promoting the finest Call girls in the world. It is the best or worst kept secret in town with glamorous female escorts of various nationality and ethnic background. This exclusive Escort Agency is aimed at the high-end market and serves executives, industry captains, high-ranking officials, aristocrats, and Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals. Female Escorts at Berkeley Escort are considered to be the hottest Call Girls available.


ESCORTS AT BERKELEY GIRLS has an excellent reputation among ESCORTS as well as its premium clientele. Berkeley London is famous for its impeccable high-quality escort service. In all these years BERKELEY GIRLS has been the escort industry’s leader and trendsetter. Innovation includes a professional and permanently updated website, largest selection of handpicked escorts, dedicated customer service with a 24 hours a day booking hotline, speedy and reliable service.



English Escort Service Berkeley Girls’ exquisite UK ESCORT selection is second to none. All British Escorts are carefully selected before being accepted to BERKELEY-GIRLS exclusive escort circle. Therefore, this UK Escort Service is very well known to possess the best playmates and ‘Sugar Babes’ in their books and only High-end Girls and Companions are accepted.



We highly recommend you to spend some time looking through our Escort Galleries, where you will discover escort profiles, seducing photos and videos, and vivid information about our female companions. This should enable you to pick your preferential escort date conforming your desire. Make your dreams come true! We suggest that you select more than one escort girl just to be on the safe side that one of your favourite call girls is available. Find your premium British date or choose one of our sexy foreign escorts in England’s metropolis.



If you are in the need of a perfect companion for a business or social function that has a suitable and refined appearance and along with that also a dazzling allure combined with a captivating charm, then we will exceed your expectations with one of our striking and enchanting beauties, which are exclusive companions that have flair and a chic sophisticated finesse and will put you in the spotlight with her on your side.



Would you fancy to be entertained for a soiree or even a weekend in town? 

If you are unfamiliar with this incredible buzzing city or just passing through, one of our astonishing resident companions can introduce you to an exclusive place. She will take you to the hottest trendy nightclubs and even to members only clubs. You will be shown to a hidden VIP high life in this phenomenal city that only insiders are familiar with. Enjoy your time with a sexy and hot bombshell on your side and this town will have a total new delightful meaning for you, whenever you might think back to it.

Do you want to go to an event and do not want to visit it all by yourself and all alone? 

Or would you like to visit one or more of the national treasures located in Europe's most popular city and which made this Britain's capital famous, such as exclusive art galleries and worldwide recognised museums, progressive theatres or just a fantastic concert of stars you always wanted to see perform in a live show? With a stunning, fun loving and strikingly good looking high-class lady on your side, these events will leave wonderful impressions of your stay in the lively city. 

Be assured, you will have the time of your life when you give us a call!



Unwind in the presence of one of these mesmerising and sophisticated flirty escorts and enjoy your day from sunrise to sunset and the full moon night in her pleasant and refreshing presence. Especially for longer terms, we will make sure that the sweet female companion will comply with your expectations of lifestyle, interests and the preferences you value to create for you a magnificent time.


Just imagine the excitement to select one of the sexy female escorts, look at her provocative and sensual photos. If you are lucky, she has even a video of her online. You call Berkeley Girls Agency to arrange a booking with your escort angel. The time passes slowly until the date and time have arrived. You will get ready, nicely showered, perfumed and well dressed and waiting in your hotel room that your delightful date arrives. The knock on the door let your heart beat faster, a forgotten experience from your teenage time. Eagerly you open the door and there she is in her splendid beauty standing with her open long hair in the doorframe. Her shy but friendly smile let you win back your usual confidence and you invite her into your hotel suite. Her sensual and delicate perfume sweeps over to your nose while she makes a step towards you and kisses you gently on your lips.

The first arousal cannot be avoided, caused by her seducing touch and soft and sexy voice. She accepts a glass of the Krug Grand Cuvée that the room service has previously put on ice. Discreetly, you hand her over the envelope with the agreed fee and she puts it with same discretion in her Chanel bag.

You fight the urge for more immediate intimacy and you order the UBER limousine as you have made a dinner reservation in one of the restaurants that you have on your bucket list to visit. Few more minutes and you get the alert on your mobile phone that the driver is arriving in one minute. You both enjoy the last sip of the delicious champagne and get ready to go out.

The couple in the elevator makes you willingly space when you both enter the lift. The older gentleman is discreetly admiring your date and he thinks how lucky you are. You noticed that he has checked your companion out and it leaves a proud smile on your face. 

Your booked S-Class stands in front of the hotel entrance and the chic uniformed hotel porter opens the back seat door and gallantly you guide your gorgeous female date into the car.

The driver confirms the address you have put into the app. You continue with a low voice your earlier conversation with the escort girl. The physical attraction and the intellectual compatibility let you forget that she is just your temporarily girl-friend for the night. Thank God, the night is still young and the evening has just begun.

Arriving at the posh restaurant the driver opens the door and you enter the posh venue that you wanted to try out since the opening. The receptionist shows you to the booked table and while you admire your companion's body and the wonderful dress and then you notice her Louboutins.

The conversation goes smoothly and more and more flirty teasing makes you desire the gorgeous girl. You hardly notice that some of the other male guests discreetly star at the stunning head-turner sitting with you. Either she doesn’t notice the strangers’ attention or she worldly ignores it. Between your courses, you think a few times to the exciting intimate time that you have ahead back at your hotel, even though you enjoy the fantastic meal. In fact, the restaurant does not disappoint and reviews about the head-chef do justice. The sommelier’s recommendations have been spot on, too. Great Negroni as an aperitif, Riesling Spätlese Schäfer-Fröhlich Nahe Bockenauer Felseneck 1997 with the right sweetness for the foie-gras, incredible Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 2001 with the cod, excellent Pinot-Noir from a less known Burgundy vineyard with the pasta followed by a 1982 Cheval Blanc for the Wagyu beef.

The outstanding wines and sexual attraction lead to more steamy conversation. It gives you goosebumps when she discreetly touches your hand and her feet rousingly touching your legs.

You think what a shame that you ordered a Taylor port wine 1966 for the cheese and dessert, as you would love to rush back to your suite. On the other hand, it is such an arousing pleasure and makes you feel every single cell in your body alive. The extended waiting time that you have imposed on yourself makes the whole experience even more exciting and exceptional.

Surprised that you are the last guests to leave in the meantime empty restaurant and that the time has flown by so quickly.

One of your most memorable restaurant experiences comes to an end. However, part number two is going to start that you have patiently waited for…



1. Full Discretion

We understand you value your privacy. We do not enclose any information to third parties and offer our clients absolute discretion. You will never see any of our Elite Escorts in the news. We make sure that all our London Escorts truly understand that discretion is the key to our business.


2. Professionalism

Berkeley Girls is a well-managed, professional five-star agency, which puts its clients first. Our experienced team ensures that you get all the attention you deserve, as client satisfaction has our highest priority. Most of our clients return time after again, because of our high-quality service and our fine selection of professional escort girls. Inform us of your preferences and requirements and we will surely be able to accommodate you.


3. Impeccable ESCORT SERVICE 

Berkeley Girls is a renowned award-winning escort agency, which has been around for years and we are planning to be around for much longer. We take great pride in the services we offer and continuously work to further improve them. Our aim is to offer an unprecedented service to respectful gentlemen who appreciate the company of a classy and beautiful woman. We rely on our client’s feedback to improve our services even further. Please let us know your experiences with Berkeley Girls and our female companions, using our feedback form.


4. High-end Ladies & Models

Berkeley Girls Top-rated agency offers exclusive companionships, including Playmates, fashion and glamour models, travel companions, female courtesans, and high-class concubines. Our selection procedure gives us the confidence to ensure you that we offer only the very best ladies of pleasure, which treat our clients with genuine honesty. We have handpicked all of our female associates, which are not only stunning but have a great attitude and most importantly: genuinely enjoy being escorts. Berkeley Girls offers you the best feminine dates and models, which put the client’s needs first and are truly pleasurable companions.

Our photo gallery is continuously updated to bring you the latest girls available in town. Our careful selection of fine intimate chaperons ensures you of satisfying, tingling experiences which you will often think back to and want to relive time after again. Find your lady of the night in London at our Escort Agency!


5. International Assignments

No matter where you are in Europe, Berkeley Girls offers you high-class companions in all major European cities. Visit our international gallery to view a selection of the finest Call girls, which all uphold the Berkeley Girl guarantee and ensure you of a truly pleasurable experience.


6. Top Class Escort Service

Berkeley Girls offers personalised services to make your stay in town as delightful as possible. Please ask our operators about our Top Class ESCORT SERVICE and they will be glad to arrange anything from theatre tickets, dinner reservation, sightseeing tour, limousine to accommodation or anything else you might have in mind.



The rates are starting from GBP 200 up to currently GBP 2.000 an hour. The minimum is set by as the agency does not accept girls with lower rates. However, there is no upper limit. Sometimes, there are celebrities, who offer their discreet services. A genuine A-listed celebrity escort can charge whatever price she wants. There are billionaires who are willing to pay a fortune to have the opportunity to spend time with a famous actress, catwalk model or other stars. Like anywhere in the capitalistic world, the price is set by demand. Berkeley Girls is specialised in celebrity escort deals, which usually includes legal contracts including NDA both from both sides.



There are obvious reasons why to book ESCORTSand why it is so popular to call BerkeleyGirls to arrange a date with one of their gorgeous female escorts.

  • Discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed
  • Easy to select on the website’s gallery the suitable girl of your dreams
  • No hassle with the arrangement
  • Just the positive parts of having a girlfriend without daily relationship issues and problems
  • Just book when it is convenient for you and when you are in the mood to see someone
  • Relaxing and fun time with the most stunning female companions

There are many more benefits and each of our clients might have a different reason, why they call us. 

Do not fantasise about having a date with an incredible hottie. Just visit our gallery page and select your dream girl a call Berkeley Girls to arrange the meeting. Simple and easy as that! They will arrive at the requested time or you can visit most of them in their luxury apartment all over Central London. Spend and enjoy a fantastic time, be satisfied and happy. You will be able to dream and think back about your great time until you book again.



Female Escorts are women of various age groups, from teens to mature companions. Each of them has her admirers. Men have always been and will always be attracted to the “weaker” and more beautiful sex. It is not only part of men or human beings but also of nature. 

The physical attraction to the other gender is deeply locked in our DNA; the instinct of survival and reproduction of the human race. 

Social and cultural developments have influenced over thousands of years the basic instincts. Fortunately, the tastes are different nowadays for each individual. Some like busty, some like petite, some like brunette, some like blonde, some like young, some like experienced, some like white skin, some like oriental. It is a blessing that every man has their preferences and an individual taste what they fancy.

Berkeley Girls is proud to offer a wide variety of different escorts and we are confident that you will find your favourite escorts that you feel attracted to.



Escorts are independent and self-employed. They are not working for In contrary, is working for their escorts. The escort agency is a promoter and advertises the various escorts that they have in their books. The girls apply to our agency as they like our reputation, got recommended or find our company professional. They fill in the job application form and state the information themselves. They decide when and how often they want to work, their preferences and what they are willing to offer. Berkeley Girls as an escort agency is an advertiser who offers the best escorts. Due to popularity among escorts, the agency is in the lucky position to choose their female clients who want to be represented by Berkeley Girls. In order to keep up with our outstanding reputation among our clientele, we carefully select the applicants. Escorts with bad feedbacks are removed from the website. It is the same with any reputable company who stops working with low-quality performing partners.



Escorts are coming from all kind of backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicity. Some are students, some work full time as escorts, some are escorting part-time while pursuing other careers. We even have had mothers earning an income to support their families. 

The reasons why they work as escorts are individual, too. Some truly enjoy what they do and obviously, the money is a reason, too. Berkeley is trying to find the gems, which love what they do and bring the ultimate pleasure to their clients.


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